Dear friends,

We want to share with you important updates about the actions taken by our team to make GopherCon Russia safe for our participants, speakers, partners and volunteers, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

  1. We are not going to cancel the event. However, we will be monitoring the situation in Moscow, Russia, the World, and any updates from WHO.

  2. We are introducing an option to listen to the talks online instead of attending in person. Everyone who has already purchased the ticket can switch to online attendance. If you decide to do so, please email us at – you'll also get a fabulous plush gopher and a special antivirus T-shirt as a gift from us. If you haven't purchased your ticket yet, you may still choose between online and offline attendance.

  3. Unfortunately, due to present circumstances, not all of our speakers can attend the conference in person. Luckily, technology saves the day! The following talks are going to be remote:

    - Designing Pluggable and Idiomatic Go Applications, Mark Bates
    - Evolution of Timers in Go, Alexander Morozov
    - Wrapping C++ Arrow: Why and How? Yoni Davidson
    - Interviewing Go Developers and Getting a Good Go Job, Ole Bulbuk
All of these will have live Q&A sessions, so you won't miss out.

The workshop "Observability in practice" by Elena Grahovac will also be delivered remotely (29th March).

"Go Readability at Google" by Elena Morozova and "Building an FM Radio Station with Go" by Florin Patan are canceled.

4. Extra precautions at the venue:
- Every participant's bag will include hand sanitizer and tissues. Personal masks will be available on demand.
- We will onboard you with the latest WHO recommendations on staying safe.
- Lunch will be provided in a personal package.
- There will be additional cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms during breaks.
- If you feel unwell, it's better to stay at home. Any participants exhibiting symptoms will be excluded from the event (and have their ticket cost refunded).

Thank you for your understanding and support. We are monitoring global developments and will notify you of any changes. Stay healthy!

With love,
GopherCon Russia Team